The Crescendo School of Music is proud to offer top quality music instruction to students of all ages and experience. Our highly motivated and accredited instructors teach all styles of music while educating our students with the necessary fundamentals and tools they will need to enjoy music for the rest of their lives. Our goal is simple; give every student a musical gift to cherish a lifetime. While most of our students will simply enjoy the benefits of music, some of our students have and will continue to go on to be much more; such as professional musicians, actors, school band and choir directors and even Crescendo School of Music instructors.

Our objective is to provide a total music resource for beginners, amateurs and advanced musicians. We have created a safe, family friendly environment where students can learn, perform, make new friends and have fun. Students learn with instructors who are currently practicing their art and have established respect and reputations in their fields. Our instructors are dedicated to teaching the skills necessary in music to nurture and inspire a lifelong enjoyment of music.

All private lessons are scheduled by our lesson coordinators who will carefully place the student with the proper instructor based on ability level, musical preference and availability. Sight reading, theory and technique are part of ALL instruction and recitals are scheduled twice per year in which all students are encouraged to participate.



This program is designed to help the student develop techniques that will apply to acoustic piano and electric keyboards. The program mixes traditional studies with contemporary approaches to scales, arpeggios, chords and sight reading.



Guitarists learn all the traditional and modern styles including; classical, jazz, pop, rock and blues. Among some techniques taught are flat picking, finger style, string bending and more. Students study scales, arpeggios, sight reading and ear training to obtain a complete understanding of the instrument.



The music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven are a few of the traditional composers studied at the Crescendo School of Music. The program includes techniques in scales, modes, chordal arpeggios and patterns in all keys and positions with a variety of bowings and articulations.



Students who study electric bass will learn the fret board, scales, chords and arpeggios which will help them gain knowledge of the instrument and understand the patterns of different styles of music.



Students will pursue technical studies that will prepare them for lead, sectional and improvisational musical settings. Also included are development of tone production, sound projection, embouchure and breathing techniques.



The percussion program is structured in such a way as to give the student a solid foundation in all styles of music be it pop, rock or jazz.



Fundamental principles of tone production, breath control, dictation and phrasing are taught. The development of each student’s unique sound and style is nurtured and encouraged whether it be classical or contemporary.