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DigiTech 3-Button Footswitch

  • PROVIDES HANDS-FREE CONTROL: The DigiTech FS3X Footswitch gives you total control over tempo, loop selection, and stop functions without the use your hands.
  • GIVES ADDITIONAL 3 FOOTSWITCHES - The Down Switch selects the next lower memory location while the Up chooses the next higher memory location. Use the Mode Switch to set the loop tempo.
  • ENSURES DURABILITY AND PORTABILITY - The FS3X Footswitch has a small form factor and is made with durable 3-button metal chassis. You can bring it while you're out on the road or use it in the studio recording. DigiTech ensures the FS3X can handle rough handling.
  • COMPATIBILITY: You can use the FS3X Footswitch with the following DigiTech pedals: JamMan Solo/Solo XT, JamMan Stereo, JamMan Delay, and TRIO+ Band Creator.

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