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EHX Bass Clone Bass Chorus Pedal

Rich, Dimensional Chorus with Rock-solid Low End

Optimized for bass guitar, the Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone chorus pedal takes the classic Small Clone chorus and enhances it for your electric bass. The key is its Crossover switch, which removes the lowest frequencies from the chorus circuit. That leaves your low fundamental notes full and punchy, while glazing them with sweet chorus on top. Use the bass control to tweak your dry tone without muddying up the chorus — bassists at Sweetwater love using this pedal to add dimension without losing punch and definition. If you want to add the sonic texture only chorus can offer, but are worried about messing with your core bass tone, you need the Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone chorus pedal.

Electro-Harmonic Bass Clone Features:

  • Chorus pedal based on Small Clone pedal, optimized for bass
  • Cutoff switch removes low frequencies from the chorus effect for tighter, punchier tone
  • Adds rich, dimensional chorus without compromising your fundamental bass tone
  • Treble control tweaks high frequencies of both dry and wet signals
  • Bass control tweaks low frequencies for your dry signal only
  • True bypass switching completely removes the effect from your signal path when disengaged
  • 9-volt test battery included

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