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Electro-Harmonix Battalion Bass Preamp and DI with Power Supply

The Cure for Anemic Bass Tones

With the Electro-Harmonix Battalion on your pedalboard, anemic bass tones will be a thing of the past. Sculpt your sound with a 4-band EQ tailored specifically to bass guitar. Forge growling overdriven bass lines with a MOSFET distortion circuit. Place the EQ before or after distortion for an array of interesting tones, or EQ your dry tone and blend to taste. Add thump and sustain to your playing with a built-in compressor, while a noise gate keeps your signal clean. Enjoy easy integration with your rig, by virtue of a range of flexible I/O. Whether you use it as a DI or as a front end for your amp, the Battalion will satisfy your tone cravings.

Sculpt your sound with a four-band EQ

The Battalion's 4-band EQ encompasses the frequencies that are most vital for bass guitarists: Bass affects frequencies below 200Hz, with Lo Mid providing boost/cut at 280Hz. Mid gives you boost/cut at 750Hz, and Treble tackles frequencies above 2kHz.

Add growling overdrive to your bass lines

You can achieve an array of distorted bass sounds with the Battalion, thanks to its MOSFET distortion circuit. This circuit's Level knob sets the output level of your distorted signal, while a Blend knob allows you to control the mix between dry and distorted signals. Crank up the distortion's intensity with the Drive knob and adjust its high end to taste with the Tone knob.

Inject your bass with extra thump and sustain

If you need more thump and sustain, the Battalion's compressor is just the ticket. It also evens out your playing, creating a balanced sound that really shines when employing slapping and other dynamic techniques. The compressor features its own push button, amount control, and LED.

Three signal flow modes yield unique tonal variations

At Sweetwater, we appreciate the level of flexibility that the Battalion offers. Three signal flow modes unlock a plethora of tonal possibilities. In the Pre EQ mode, the distortion section comes after the compressor and before the EQ. The Post EQ mode places the EQ after the compressor and before the distortion. The Dry EQ mode puts the distortion section after the compressor, but only your dry signal is affected by the EQ.

Electro-Harmonix Battalion Features:

  • Preamp and DI pedal for bass guitar
  • 4-band EQ with bass guitar-specific frequencies for sculpting your sound
  • MOSFET distortion circuit for forging growling overdriven tones
  • Compressor injects your bass with extra thump and sustain
  • 3 signal flow modes unlock a plethora of tonal possibilities
  • Noise gate keeps your signal clean
  • Flexible I/O ensures easy integration with your rig

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